Who is jacques villeneuve dating

Or that the performance of one Fernando Alonso, who has scored zero points to date, is among the worst turned in by a two-time champion in the history of F1.

Actually, I’m surprised that Jacques didn’t point out that he won the Indianapolis 500 and Alonso didn’t, which surely - according to Jacques’ logic - would put the Spaniard’s performance among the worst in the history of the 500-mile race.

Jacques's success story started in 1995 when he won the CART Championship, and the Indianapolis 500 that year.

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A promising season was followed by a superb one in 1995 as he took victory in the Indianapolis 500 as well as the Indycar championship.

Brought up in Monaco rather than his native Canada, Villeneuve has been guided from the beginning by Craig Pollock, his former sports master at school.

After an initial foray in saloon cars, Villeneuve learned his craft in F3 in Italy and Japan before moving Stateside and the American Formula Atlantic championship.

The realization that you are ever-so-close to being a has-been (if you’re not already there) must be an awful feeling. Jacques Villeneuve was asked by someone at to to comment on the progress of Lance Stroll, the 18-year-old Canadian who scored his first points in the recent Grand Prix du Canada held at Montreal.

Particularly since you were once king of the hill; top of the mountain. Said Jacques: “One of the worst rookie performances in the history of F1.”That’s quite an indictment, coming after only seven races of 20 scheduled in 2017.

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