Who has aaron sorkin dating

Neither Sorkin nor Davis - or their reps - have responded to the dating story yet. But when it comes to his personal aesthetic sensibilities, Sorkin is far less self-assured: “It’s not that I have bad taste,” he says.

They think they took you home from the maternity ward last month. They don't understand how you could possibly be getting a degree in something today. When I get my driver's license, my life will be like this; when I'm a senior, my life will be like that; when I go off to college, my life will be like this; when I move out of the dorms, my life will be like that; and then finally, graduation.Some of the teachers who were there that day are here this day and I wanted to let them know that I haven't changed my mind. Two newborn babies are lying side by side in the hospital and they glance at each other.Ninety years later, through a remarkable coincidence, the two are back in the same hospital lying side by side in the same hospital room.Davis was previously linked romantically to Alec Baldwin.Both have a child - Sorkin's daughter with Bingham was born in 2000; Davis, who has never been married, adopted baby Gemma Rose last year.

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