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A homeowner who wanted to sell his house in north Casper this year ran into a paper wall because of a family dispute fought with a document called a land patent.

A land patent is a title to land which was originally acquired by a treaty.

You might be pleased to learn that you don't need a fancy legal degree or years of experience in the real estate industry to file a successful land patent.

Depending on the complexity of your case, you might just need to follow a few simple steps to obtain your very own land patent.

It's one thing to understand the basic concept of a land patent.

It's another thing entirely to put this knowledge to good use.

First, you'll need to prove that you own the property for which you're filing a land patent.

To do this, you'll need to procure or produce a certified copy of the warranty deed to your property.

Respectively, though the Land Patent is the Title to the Land, land patents do not limit your right to contract.Still, some say, “The only bad news is no news.” We disagree.Inaccurate or misleading news is worse than no news.If you are under the impression that you �own� your property because you paid good money for it and have the original deed with your name on it stored in a secure place for safekeeping, then read on � because, in fact, you are not the equitable or beneficial owner of that property but merely have what is called “color of title� with only an apparent right of ownership and possession, without full and absolute title.Color of title is not the same thing as ownership with full and absolute title, but the powers to be would have you believe it is.

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