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Feast your eyes on our online gallery featuring adult photos and videos.149-161 Page 1 [509kb] Page 2 [622kb] Page 3 [629kb] Page 4 [545kb] Page 5 [601kb] Page 6 [646kb] Page 7 [406kb] Ill met by moonlight, no pub, no date [1.1Mb] Killer who became the peasants' hero, Western Mail, 11/11/1987 [1.8Mb] PEOPLE SMUGGLING Aberystwyth2003Police swoop on restaurant, Cambrian News, 13/2/2003, P6.3642004Questions for solicitor over collapsed people smuggling case, Cambrian News, 24/6/2004, P6.364 PIRATES Pirates in Cardigan Bay, Welsh Gazette, 25/1/1918, RC364PIR POACHING 1972Night river swoop lifts salmon poachers nets, Cambrian News, 20/6/1972, RC386.7991976Anglers blamed for poaching, Western Mail, 23/11/1976, RC386.7991979Poachers kill 1,500 fish with cyanide, Western Mail, 11/9/1979, RC386.7991980Stealing a march on the modern poacher, Western Mail, 5/7/1980, RC386.7992006Poacher Joe's fishy tale, CN, 27/7/2006, p.45 POLICE see EMERGENCY SERVICE - POLICE PRISON (PROPOSED) 1996Door bangs shut on prison jobs, Cambrian News, 3/5/1996, P6.365PRIHorror at prison plan, Cardigan Tivyside, 2/5/1996, P6.365PRI1997Ask questions before pressing for a prison at Aberystwyth, Cambrian News, 20/2/1997, P6.365PRIConservationists likely to oppose jail site proposals, Western Mail, 6/1/1997, P6.365PRI2003Prison would boost our economy, Cambrian News, 2/10/2003, P6.365PRI PUNISHMENT Cardigan Davies, Donald; Crime and Punishment, Cardigan Tivyside, 18/10/1985; 25/10/1985, Part 1 [1.3Mb] Part 2 [1.1Mb]P4.364 Executions Old County gaol, Cardigan Tivyside, no date [835kb](P4.364) Public executions in Cardigan, Cardigan Tivyside, 31/3/1922 [674kb](P4.364) Sites of some medieval gallows, Archaeologia Cambrensis, 1964 [459kb](P4.364) Reminiscences of Cardigan gaol, Cardigan Tivyside, 11/11/1898, Page 1 [777kb] Page 2 [810kb] P4.364 Whipping Evans, George Eyre; Whipping women in Cardigan town, Cardigan Tivyside, 15/2/1918 [1016kb](P4.364) Whipping of drunks, Cardigan Tivyside, 14/6/1895 [915kb](P4.364) REBECCA RIOTS Cardigan Davies, Donald; Rebecca riots in Cardigan, Cardigan Tivyside, 3/5/1985; 1/5/1985; 17/5/1985; 24/5/1985; 31/5/1985, Part 1 [1.2Mb] Part 2 [1.2Mb] Part 3 [965kb] Part 4 [1.2Mb] Part 5 [1.2Mb]Rebecca Riots 1839, Cardigan Tivyside, 5/1/1900 Page 1 [260kb] Page 2 [443kb]Rebecca riots and Cardigan, Cardigan Tivyside, 16/8/1901; 30/8/1901; 23/8/1901; 9/8/1901 Page 1 [395kb] Page 2 [367kb] Page 3 [336kb] Page 4 [345kb] Page 5 [292kb] Page 6 [255kb]Rebecca in the Tivy Side, Cardigan Tivyside, 16/5/1913 Page 1 [367kb] Page 2 [368kb]When Rebecca ran riot in Wales, Western Mail, 13/12/1989 Page 1 [400kb] SEXUAL ASSAULT 1990Rape, sex assault reports 'up 50pc', Western Mail, 27/2/1990, RC364 SHEEP RUSTLING Synod Inn1986 Farmers blames water board after sheep theft, Western Mail, 24/6/1986 [679kb] Rustlers round up 300 Syndo Inn sheep, Cambrian News, 27/6/1986 [643kb] SIEGE Aberystwyth2007Moment armed police swooped, Cambrian News, 23/8/2007 Page 1 [159kb]No jail for man who sparked siege over bag of oven chips, Cambrian News, 6/9/2007Row over bag of chips sparks armed siege, Cambrian News, 16/8/2007 Page 1 [342kb] Cribyn2003 Siege in quiet Cribyn ends after seven hours, Cambrian News, 13/2/2003 [316kb] Llanbadarn Fawr2001 'I looked out to see the hotel swarming with police', Cambrian N, 21/6/2001 [691kb] Scrap man in bizarre suicide bid, Cambrian News, 31/1/2002 [725kb] Siege man is in custody, Cambrian News, 14/6/2001 [1.2Mb] Stag's Head (Llangeitho) Siege shatters village's pre-Christmas peace, CN, 28/12/2006 [1.5Mb]2007 Siege man convicted of threats and arson, Cambrian News, 7/6/2007 [644kb] Crossbow man is jailed for three years, Cambrian News, 13/9/2007 [1.3Mb] SMUGGLING Jones, Mary; Ddoe, t.

, CTivyside, 10/10/1996 [413kb](P4.364CCTV) CCTV would drive a wedge, Cardigan Tivyside, 12/4/1996 [200kb](P4.364CCTV)1997 CCTV a complete waste of money, Cardigan Tivyside, 28/5/1997 [423kb](P4.364CCTV) Town's CCTV plan set to be financial lame duck, CTivyside, 14/5/1997 [360kb](P4.364CCTV)1998 All quiet as cameras are running, Cardigan Tivyside, 4/6/1998 [352kb](P4.364CCTV) Lampeter2002Lampeter gets anti-crime cameras, Cambrian News, 18/7/2002 Page 1 [180kb]New CCTV system comes under fire, Cambrian News, 4/7/2002 Page 1 [74kb] CHILD ABUSE Llanon1999 Demonstrations set to continue, Cambrian News, 12/8/1999 [452kb] Local council supports parents, Cambrian News, 24/6/1999 [353kb] Paedophile living yards from school, Cambrian News, 27/5/1999 [710kb] Parents force out paedophile, Cambrian news, 26/8/1999 [273kb] CRIME FIGURES 1991Recession blamed as crime soars, Cambrian News, 12/7/1991, RC3641996It's as safe as houses here-official, Cambrian News, 2/2/1996 Page 1 [36kb]2003Quarter more violent crimes in the county, Cambrian News, 27/2/2003, RC364Surge in violent crime, Cambrian News, 22/5/2003, RC3642008 Ceredigion is the safest place to live, Cambrian News, 15/5/2008 [1.3Mb]2009Ceredigion has the lowest crime level per 1,000 people, Cambrian News, 30/7/2009 Page 1 [423kb] Praise for safest towns in UK, Cambrian News, 23/7/2009 [513kb]2010 Violent crime rises despite overall drop, Cambrian News, 15/7/2010 [469kb]2013Crime falls 22 per cent, Cambrian News, 31/10/2013 Page 1 [130kb] CRIME SURVEYS Aberystwyth Koffman, L; Aberystwyth crime survey, Crime Surveys and the Victims of Crime, 1996, RC364 CRIMINALS Paying a high price for a life of crime, Cambrian News, 19/7/2001, RC364 Borth1990Six jailed terms for escaped prisoner, Cambrian News, 29/6/1990, P10.364 Aberystwyth Duel fought in Aberystwyth, Cambrian News, 9/7/1976 [882kb] Llandyfriog Soaked in evil vibrations, Cardigan Tivyside, 5/3/1997 [505kb] DRUGS 1977Drugs swoop police pounce on cottages, Western Mail, 28/3/1977, RC364Welsh cottages raided at dawn, Daily Post, 28/3/1977, RC364 1985Drugs habits that die hard, Western Mail, 16/4/1985, RC3641989Pla newydd, Golwg, 12/10/1989, RC364DRU1995Joining Coastwatch to stem drug imports, Cambrian News, 20/10/1995, RC363.12COASleeping pill banned in bid to counter drug abuse, Cambrian News, 1/9/1995, RC616.861996Eviction threat for drug dealers, Cambrian News, 14/6/1996, RC616.86 1997Ceredigion facing drugs 'epidemic', Cambrian News, 15/5/1997, RC364DRU1998Cash boost for drug victims?

, Cambrian News, 7/5/1998, RC616.86Lottery money for drugs project, Western Mail, 28/8/1998, RC616.862003Drug dealers jailed for 22 years, Cambrian News, 13/2/2003, RC616.86Police vow to hunt down drug dealers, Cambrian News, 13/2/2003, RC616.862008Drugs Raid, Cambrian News, 6/3/2008 Page 1 [1.4Mb] Page 2 [1.2Mb] Fifth of children had taken drugs by age of 11, Cambrian News, 24/4/2008 [714kb]2009 Cases highlight fight against drugs, Cambrian News, 25/6/2009 [941kb] Police officers praised for £2,000 heroin bust, Cambrian News, 24/12/2009 [545kb] Aberystwyth1986Pub drugs swoop, Cambrian News, 28/11/1986, P6.364DRU1987Calling 'time', Cambrian News, 27/3/1987, P6.364DRUTime is called on drug-pushers, Western Mail, 4/2/1987, P6.364DRU1989Pla newydd, Golwg, 12/10/1989, P6.364DRUSeminar to deal with drugs and alochol crisis, Western mail, 29/9/1989, P6.363.2DRU1990Hunt for drugs parcel called off by police, Western Mail, 29/8/1990, P6.363.2DRU1991Aber is 'drugs mecca', Cambrian News, 25/1/1991, P6.364DRU1995Public proves a vital ally in latest drugs bust, Cambrian News, 27/10/1995, P6.364DRU 1996We must tackle drug problem, Cambrian News, 26/12/1996, P6.363.2DRU1997Addiction centre gets office boost, Cambrian News, 3/7/1997, P6.363.2DRUBBC crew accused of paying two to shoot up, Cambrian News, 5/6/1997, P6.364DRUTrader hits out after grudge attack, Cambrian News, 26/6/1997, P6.364DRUWorrying rise in heroin use, Cambrian News, 30/1/1997, P6.364DRU1998Police go undercover to net heroin, Cambrian News, 29/10/1998, P6.363.2DRU1999More arrests as Aber becomes heroin blackspot of mi Wales, Cambrian news, 17/6/1999Under cover police shmash drugs ring, Cambrian News, 16/12/1999, P6.363.2DRU 2004Vandalism, drugs and months of hell, Cambrian news, 23/12/2004, P6.364DRU2006Cocaine seized at Aber railway station, Cambrian News, 14/9/20062010 Drug gangs see Aber as easy target, book claims, Cambrian N, 18/11/2010 [384kb] Borth1990 £100,000 drugs find on Borth beach, Cambrian News, 16/2/1990 [618kb] Cross Inn2009 We'll stamp out drug farming, Cambrian News, 12/11/2009 [798kb] Llanafan Magic Mushroom Festival1980Blocking of magic mushroom site is defied by hippies, Western Mail, 3/9/1980, P28.394Farmers in revolt as hippie tent town springs up, Western Mail, 15/9/1980, P28.394Hippies face moves to protect quiet valley, Western Mail, 5/4/1980, P28.3941981Hippies stay put, Western Mail, 7/9/1981, P28.394Judge will be asked to stop hippy festival, Western Mail, 21/9/1981, P28.394Mushroom magic could turn toxic, Western Mail, 14/9/1981, P28.394Mushroomers given cash to leave site, Western Mail, 4/9/1981, P28.394Police set to swoop on hippies today, Western Mail, 3/9/1981, P28.294Symud y broblem o un lle i'r llall, Western Mail, 8/9/1981, P28.394Talks will aim to stop another hippie invasion, Western Mail, 27/5/1981, P28.3941982Hippies face eviction from mushroom festival site, Western Mail, 17/8/1982, P28.394 Pontrhydygroes2007Drug dealer loses assents, Cambrian News, 28/6/2007 Page 1 [189kb]Drug factory busted at Aber, Cambrian News, 14/6/2007 Tregaron Operation Julie1978Operation Julie, Western Mail, 9/3/1978 Page 1 [1.3Mb] Page 2 [1.8Mb] Page 3 [1.8Mb] Page 4 [1.3Mb] Page 5 [1.7Mb] Page 6 [1.7Mb]1979Julie case link costs publisher £1,000 for libel, Western Mail, 22/9/1979 Page 1 [744kb] Page 2 [405kb] Massive drugs haul solves mystery of missing LSD, Western Mail, 12/9/1979 [252kb]1980 'Julie' doctor returns to the Wales he likes, Cambrian News, 19/9/1980 [550kb] Lords may tell police to return haul to 'Julie' gang, Sunday Times, 8/6/1980 [540kb]1995 Atgyfodi Julie, Golwg, 21/12/1995 [747kb] Julie drugs may be back on sale, Cambrian News, 22/12/1995 [161kb]1999 Ail fyw digwyddiadau Operation Julie, Cymro, 10/3/1999 [1.0Mb]How a chat over a cup of tea sparked a £20m drugs bust, Cambrian News, 11/3/1999 Page 1 [214kb]2008 Lyn's trip back to the '70s, Cambrian News, 25/2/2008 [1.1Mb] DUELLING Duelling in Cardiganshire, Welsh Gazette, 17/5/1923 Page 1 [59kb] EXPLOSIONS Bow Street2001 Three arrested following Bow Street explosion, Cambrian News, 5/4/2001 [551kb] FIREARMS Aberaeron1992 Shotgun powers urged by jurors, Cardigan Tivyside, 20/11/1992 [893kb](P1.364) Tragic mum fights for life, Western Mail, 9/3/1992, [1.0Mb] P1.3641993 Future bright for gun victim, Western Mail, 29/12/1993 [516kb](P1.364) Aberystwyth2005 Armed police swoop on hotel after gunshots, Cambrian News, 19/5/2005 [793kb] Bow Street1997 Man held following shotgun incident, Cambrian News, 6/2/1997 [825kb] FIREARMS AMNESTY 1996Amnesty nets array of weapons, Cambrian News, 21/6/1996, RC364 GAOL Cardigan Davies, Donald; Cardigan's prisons, Cardigan Tivyside, 22/5/1987; 29/5/1987; 5/6/1987, Part 1 [1.2Mb] Part 2 [1.1Mb] Part 3 [1.2Mb]New lock up at Cardigan, Cardigan Tivyside, 20/9/1895, P4.364 Old County goal, Cardigan Tivyside, 21/10/1898, P4.364 Photo of the Cardigan gaol in 1868, Cardigan Tivyside, 11/2/2004 [210kb]When guest house was the county gaol, CN, 14/9/2006, p.

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