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Let me start off by saying that, if it were up to me, there would be zero press about these rallies and zero protesters would show up.

That way it would be a sad group of 200 people chanting “Make America Great Again” at each other and then going home defeated because they weren’t able to get a rise out of us. There’s already plenty of press about this so I want to make sure we dwarf them in numbers so they know their hate speech is not welcome in The Bay.

After receiving some light push back on their announcement, OKCupid expanded on their decision, saying that the people associated with this ideology may not have the best on-site behaviour.

The correlation between misogyny and racism is well documented, especially in these frightening times.

While dating apps open up opportunities for people looking for love to find a match, no woman deserves to be matched with someone who espouses toxic ideas about race and, often, sex.

via Twitter/@sbstryker via Twitter/@quinncy via Twitter/@Freddy In Space via Twitter/@4lisaguerrero Tinder has also released a strong statement about bigotry on the platform.

It is such an interesting topic that it warrants a separate thread.

Everyone who has attended a White Nationalist conference has noticed that men are always drastically overrepresented. Dealbreaker #1: Because they are offended by the people who rail against White women on account of their bad experiences with dating and marriage.

bullying a fellow, young black athlete with racist comments for his sole crime of being born black in Brazil.

Gibson has done similar rallies in both Portland and Seattle and they’ve turned bloody.

If Gibson truly wanted to extol the virtues of nonviolence, he wouldn’t invite Kyle Chapman to speak at the upcoming SF and Berkeley rallies.

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w=809" alt="ff64210b2e1c0c7fa5792e35d35c2eb3.png" / This article was just published today on Mother I am in fact turned off by Asian women and their behavior, and have been for most of my life; when I was young I flat out avoided Asian women because I was afraid they would like me only because I was half White. I also find their behavior more or less repugnant, how cold and calculating so many of them are.

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