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Paayal Nair’s and Ajay Nair’s paths converged when they both started college at Pennsylvania State University the same year.

Paayal Nair first encountered her now-husband at an Indian cultural event at which Ajay Nair spoke.

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If marriages are made in heaven as the elders say, on earth it's brought together by well reputed wedding planners such as Desijodi.

Approximately 40 people attended the India Week event at the Goizueta Business School on March 20.“We are a campus that is almost 30 percent Asian in general, …

and [Asian] parents would never tend to talk about [dating] with us,” ICE Cultural Chair Tj Subramanian (17B) said.

By RSVP’ing “Yes” to an event, you indemnify our group, its organizers, event hosts from any problem you should incur because of this risk.

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For instance, Ajay Nair’s family speaks Malayalam, and Paayal Nair’s family speaks Gujarati, creating a language barrier.We had our first date at a restaurant, we stayed there and talked until they had to kick us out because they were closing.Since then our relationship has grown and is still going strong. Almost one year ago, my Fiancé(Jay) and I found each other on Dil Mil. At first I wasn’t sure how the long distance was going to work especially because I have school every other weekend along with full time job.Indemnification Of Risk: When you sign up with a “Yes” RSVP for an event, it is assumed that you know the risks involved with that activity and decide to participate at your own risk.Parents assume all risk when they sign a child up for an event.

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