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I had a conversation with a very accomplished therapist and she didn’t even know what a Meetup group was!

I did some background checking on the other dating coaches mentioned in the Washington Post Article with me (

Matchmakers can provide an important function of actually providing a pool of qualified candidates.

However, to get certified they go to for a 3 day weekend class or buy a business in a box.

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In this podcast episode, you’ll learn the most important reasons men fail to ask you out… What is the last sweet thing you said to your boyfriend? In this podcast episode, you’ll learn the important skill of decoding your guy’s flirting signals…Basically I went out with this woman twice and we hooked up on a second date. However, she started acting Is anyone feeling lethargic or a shift from the ecplise? I want to reveal a shocking psychological trick about men to you - something that most women will never discover about how guys think and feel...How about a 30 year old woman who thinks she successfully met her match online and is not even engaged?What about a gay 30 year old guy who is giving women advice on how to meet men? And, what is their training and coaching experience? On the other side of the spectrum from a dating coach there is the therapist who has been in private practice for over 20 years and is really clueless about internet dating and the modern ways people are meeting for dating.

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