Catherine bell and david james elliott dating

CBS won't announce its fall lineup — including JAG's fate — until May, but Bellisario has made a preemptive strike by adding a new attorney to anchor the show.

Chris Beetem, a 32-year-old As the World Turns veteran, joined the cast Feb. Gregory Vukovic and has already been signed for a potential 11th season. JAG attracts nearly 10 million viewers on average, but only a quarter of them are in the 18- to 49-year-old demographic coveted by advertisers.

During his teenaged years, he was part of a band, quitting Milton District High School in his final year to pursue his dream of becoming a rock star. In 1996, David Elliott starred in the made-for-cable movie Holiday Affair with Cynthia Gibb.

However, at age 19, he realized this would not happen and returned to finish high school. This is a remake of the 1949 classic Holiday Affair which starred Robert Mitchum and Janet Leigh.

During a recent exclusive phone interview with Collider, actress Catherine Bell talked about howcome about? What is the film about and who is the woman that you’re playing in it? He was just cool and laid-back, took his time and made sure we got what we needed to get. Maybe it’s just because I’m a tomboy and I love all that stuff. We went out before we started filming and the stunt coordinator showed me how to do a reverse 180, where I was basically going in reverse, as fast as I possibly could, and then turn the wheel, slam on the brakes, put it in drive, and then keep going forward. I love the choreography of all that stuff, and getting really good at making sure it looks realistic. ” What can you say about the upcoming finale of and what fans of the show can expect from it?So, I tried acting in high school briefly -- well, we read a play.It was more my calling and I auditioned for theater school and I got in and the rest is history."Q: You were in a rock band in your teens, do you ever wish you had gone down that path?"David left, and we wish him well," JAG creator Donald Bellisario says."His contract was up, and we never expected it to go on. [So] we started doing episodes with less of David, and it became obvious to him that we were not going to renegotiate." Elliott's manager says CBS never responded to his client's salary request for another season, but "David loves CBS. He has made a lucrative deal with ABC." That said, there may not even be another season. "It was always intended that Catherine would be [on] the show next season but [Elliott] would not," says Bellisario, who promises a surprise in May that will wrap up the relationship between Mac and Harm.

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