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We've been hearing rumors of a touchscreen-equipped Alexa device for months now, and today, Amazon is making it official.It's called the Amazon Echo Show, it costs 0, and it'll start shipping next month.You can now bark various commands at your Echo devices (or any other Alexa prison) to catch up on latest news, including "what's the latest with the election/the Conservatives/Theresa May?" You can also surface other info with phrases such as "what is the polling like? " Alexa will tell you about upcoming debates and where to watch them, and keep you up to date as the results are announced in response to questions such as "how many seats do the Liberal Democrats have?

Meetings and chats are always synchronized, you can join meetings from any device, and you can switch seamlessly between devices anytime – even in the middle of a meeting.Hooking it up with a compatible smart home camera and using it as a voice-activated baby monitor seems like an especially handy use case.Of course, I might as well be describing an at this point -- and after years of cranking out budget-friendly Fire tablets, maybe that's exactly what Amazon is getting at here.You'll also be able to place voice calls and voice messages to .You can also pull up You Tube videos, view the lyrics of a song as it plays, watch a video version of your daily news "flash briefing," scan your calendar for appointments and view weather forecasts.

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