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You’re on a conservative trip and you expect her to cover-up.

Stop those outfit sanctions; you’re not being protective, you’re being a hypocrite.

We offer a site that excels for a number of reasons. over 100 questions on topics ranging from leisure activities to politics to the personal domain.1) Complaining about your overtly jealous woman then throwing tantrums when she merely glances at other men in the room.You are not the Sultan and whatever applies to her applies to you as well. 2) Flaunting your finances when wooing a woman, wining and dining her at the priciest spots in town, ordering the ridiculous magnum champagne bottles and showering her with expensive gifts only to later complain that she’s only with you for your money. 3) Her style is what got you noticing her in the first place, but suddenly you’re not feeling those mini dresses and shorts anymore.They will have clubbing clothes on when they go for coffee on a Saturday morning. Fereshti would openly hug him on the streets while everyone would gasp/roll eyes/scowl and the cops would grab their G3s even tighter.He had to pull serious strings to get her to London where she now lives. IIRC my uncle said the women are much like Somalis-no half measures;if they're into you its all the way-they'll even stop a bullet for you.

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