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Here is a list of Black men who married White women — including some who surprisingly had Black spouses early on, but left them for White women, and others who tied the knot with their high school sweetheart who happened to be White. They divorced in 2010, and Woods’ skills on the golf course haven’t been the same since.

She started to scream ( in the background) at the white guy and is saying, that the truck is hers and how dare she gave him the money for the payments and he never paid it.While this data shows that Black people are more likely to marry each other instead of someone of another race, many concerned women still feel that men with an immense amount of wealth and fame tend to marry non-Black women more often.Some women think this is problematic because the wealth should stay within the Black community, where it is greatly needed.Master P’s son, Romeo, was also sent a lot of hate after posting a picture of his White girlfriend on Instagram.According to the most recent census data on interracial marriages, only 17 percent of Black Americans marry outside of their race.

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