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Description: ECN Chat Services are run on the new IRCWx software which is a revision of the IRCX protocol.

Our chat services are state of the art and support web chat, or you can use your very own script to connect to the network and chat with friends and others around the globe.

We look forward to seeing you in the chat rooms Description: The site has been around for some time but we are just now finishing a complete upgrade we are now inspircd and a brand new web chat that requires no plugins such as flash and works on pretty much any browser windows android or ios many new features in web chat drop in and check us out.

Cyber fraud is a crime usually associated with stolen credit cards and Nigerian princes.

The chemistry between the women radiated from the stage and put the audience at ease right away so we could sit back and enjoy the jokes- which came thick and fast.

Hearing women of a certain age use foul language and talk about sex is comedy gold.

Once the password has been cracked, they will have control over the traffic that passes through the PBX system.He was certainly outnumbered- I think all the women of Warrington came out to see the show, with their glad rags on and a drink in hand- we knew it was going to be a laugh from start to finish.From the word go- the script was slick and expertly delivered by the three central characters Crissy Rock (Benidorm), Leah Bell and Dolores Porretta generating laughs as soon as the lights went up.We do have a few scripts available for those who are not good with scripting which can be found on the People & Chat page under the scripts section.We provide a variety of chat rooms for your enjoyment from game rooms to romance, you also have option to create your own room and invite your friends to join you.

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